“Miller and McGinnis have done a real service to history and biography. Both Mrs. Roosevelt and Isabella Greenway were extraordinary women. I am delighted that their relationship has finally been penned to paper.”

—Geoffrey C. Ward, co-author with Ken Burns of The Civil War

About Robert

Robert H. McGinnis is the co-editor of A Volume of Friendship: The Letters of Eleanor Roosevelt and Isabella Greenway, 1904-1953. He has worked with author Kristie Miller since 2006, specializing in online historical, news and public records research. He has also reviewed and analyzed primary documents from various manuscript collections including the Library of Congress, the Franklin D. Roosevelt Library in Hyde Park, New York, and the Arizona Historical Society in Tucson, Arizona.

A Volume of Friendship

The Letters of Eleanor Roosevelt and Isabella Greenway 1904-1953

“A remarkable correspondence between two quite formidable and wonderful women, who were also utterly enmeshed in women’s traditional world as well as the public world.”

—Mary Logan Rothschild, Director of Women’s Studies, Arizona State University

“With the publication of these letters, their enduring fifty-year friendship will now live forever.”

—Blanche Wiesen Cook, author of Eleanor Roosevelt